Web hosting companies have popped up all over the world since the internet took off on the late 1990's. At first, the hosting companies were almost all the same as there wasn't as many manufacturers of servers and server components.

These days, there are many more manufacturers and many different grades of quality. We constantly see their commercials tempting small businesses to start your website for free, or some really low cost. This comes at a price that you won't see right away.

Like everything else, there are companies that are trying to squeeze every dollar from each of their servers. So they purchase cheap servers and stuff as many customers onto each server, which further reduces the quality of hosting services each customer receives. These are typically the cheapest hosting companies. Once they have you as a customer and you notice how slow your website is, like the admin panel of a WordPress website running slow, you will call their tech support and then they will ask you if you want to upgrade to a faster hosting plan. While this new hosting plan is better, it is more expensive, and still not adequate for many websites, even for small businesses.

Most likely you were drawn to these big companies because of the price, or maybe it was "free". You built your website on their server and now you feel like you're stuck with them. You're not! Moving a website to a high quality server like the servers we use here at Modern Concepts is fairly simple. In fact, so simple we offer the service for free. You will immediately notice the difference in performance, and there are many other benefits, like security, and free or reduced costs for website help and other services.

While we are not the cheapest website hosting company, in the long run you will find it to be cheaper when you add up all the discounts for our hosting clients. Plus, the speed of your website will reduce time editing your site and search engines will prefer to send their users to your faster, more secure website. Yes, search engines algorithms include website speed, and security. This will help you rank better on many search engines, which means more business income. So when you compare $8.00/month from the big companies with low quality servers to our $24.95/month for our high quality servers, the extra $17/month isn't so bad. $17 a month to get more customers, spend less time editing, give your users a faster website experience, and a more secure server....  $17 more...  think about that.

Those big website hosting companies bury us in marketing, making people think they are the best, they're not, they are the cheapest. Then they spend the money you give them on marketing to get more customers to fill those servers you're on which actually slows your site down even more.

If you're serious about having a website and want to give your online presence the best possible chance of success, you are better off with a smaller company like Modern Concepts.

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Mercoledì, Ottobre 28, 2020

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