Does Search Engine Optimization Pay For Itself?

I recently met with a client that was desperate, his website fell off all search engine results and he had no idea what was going on. He was losing business, a lot of business, “about $1500 a week” he said. We blew his mind when we corrected the problem for $285 and he was ranking #1 for many keywords and on the first page for many others. His website is now ranking higher than it was before the problem started, when he was “satisfied” with his website’s rankings. His profits are not only back to where they should be, but higher than last year’s. My advice is simple, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) pays for itself in almost every situation, don’t be afraid to hire an SEO expert thinking that your business is down and you can’t afford SEO. Look at it the other way, change your thinking. Its actually just the opposite… You can’t afford NOT to hire an SEO expert, especially when business is down! The client I mentioned above told me that the increase in business from our SEO services paid for itself in less than TWO DAYS! By the end of the second day he was in the green, literally! While each situation is very unique, the basic story above is fairly common. Do your research before hiring an SEO “Expert” – ask for references and check online reviews! We cannot guarantee results as we have no control over search engines, but we can make your site more search-engine friendly. Modern Concepts provides a free assessment of your website. Before you commit to using our services or spend a cent you will know what to expect and how much we can help your business.

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